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Flame retardants showcased for business and industry

Flame Security International (FSI) recently demonstrated how years of world-class research delivers innovative and practical outcomes that change the world.
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Research becomes reality at UNSW Research Translation Expo

Flame Security International (FSI) recently demonstrated how years of world-class research delivers innovative and practical outcomes that change the world.

Our product display at the inaugural University of New South Wales (UNSW) Research Translation Expo on 25 October showed to over 500 visitors some of the flame-retardant solutions emerging from our collaboration with the university.

UNSW 2022 Research Translation Expo

The expo, held at the Roundhouse on the Kensington campus, linked businesses, investors and industry partners with founders, entrepreneurs and researchers to show how world-leading research translates into tangible outcomes that have social and economic impact.

Around 100 exhibitors from the university’s 7 faculties showcased innovations and capabilities across 6 themes, including Environment and Sustainability.

FSI team and products impress

Representing FSI-UNSW Research and Development team in this theme were Dr Ka Wai Fan (Team Leader), Dr Arslan Khalid and Ms Liz Lin.

FSI Research team including Dr Arslan Khalid and Ms Liz Lin

The team spoke with attendees about our new Paint, Render, Membrane, Spray&Go, EmberGuard, EPS, Textile and Varnish products, a groundbreaking range of surface coverings that will change the face of fire protection around the world. Dr Fan reported that interest in the range was high.

‘Our stall attracted participants from many different disciplines, including a patent attorney, insurance company representatives, economists and other UNSW researchers,’ said Dr Fan.

‘They were all very interested in FSI’s products and technologies and its vision of providing affordable and viable fire protection solutions for the world.’

From vision to reality

The expo was an opportunity to stimulate interest in the research project and its game-changing outcomes, with our fire-retardant paint and render products having since been released to the marketplace.

FSI products on display

As Dr Fan noted, FSI’s vision is to protect people, structures and the environment from fire by creating innovative solutions that exceed industry needs and opportunities. The collaboration with UNSW’s research arm enables us to pursue – and realise – that vision.

The program, running over 5 years plus, combines FSI’s global reach, vision and commercial operations with UNSW’s world-leading research profile and a range of state governments, industry partners, other research partners, manufacturers and distributors. Support from private investors and Australian government grants has been vital to establish the research and development team, their base at UNSW and their ongoing progress.

In total, the project is developing 12 original products for fire protection, all affordable, practical, viable and minimal environmental impact. Each product goes through [LE1] real-world testing at manufacturers and large-scale testing sites in the course of its development.

Products in development

Along with the history-making FSI-Paint, FSI-Render and FSI-EmberGuard, Dr Fan, Dr Khalid and Ms Lin showed samples of other products developed by the UNSW–FSI collaboration, including:

  • FSI-Membrane, a tough, durable, polymer-based external membrane for wrapping the base of power poles or covering glass windows and doors in high to extreme bushfire conditions
  • FSI-EPS, a flame-retardant alternative to the highly flammable expandable polystyrene (EPS) used extensively around the world as a low-cost insulation option in factories but believed responsible for the severity of several factory fires
  • FSI-Spray&Go, a ready-made, quick-drying product with a BAL-29 rating that can be quickly sprayed onto structures at risk, yet readily washed off once the danger has passed.

‘People were fascinated by the range of products featured at our stall,’ said Dr Fan. ‘Many wanted to know more about the business’s stage of development, the readiness of individual products, and the target customers.

‘Several highly engaged participants have since followed up, arranging meetings to find out more about opportunities for collaboration.’

FSI’s eco-responsible philosophy

Recognising fire as a global threat, the program teams want the fire protection range to be a viable solution, which means effective, affordable and sustainable. We share the worldwide concerns about environmental, social and economic effects of product development and business operations.

At FSI we are committed to sustainable development and the application of circular economy principles in our work. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint by using resources more efficiently, reducing waste, and respecting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in our activities.

FSI’s innovative new flame-retardant paint and coating range, like our other product lines, have been developed for minimal environmental or human impact. Wherever possible, we use food- and medical-grade materials in their production, and they are designed to not interfere with the recyclability of the substrates they’re applied to.

Positive outcomes

The opportunity to showcase the outcomes of the UNSW–FSI program and experience the interest and enthusiasm of the business, industry and research sectors confirmed that we are on the right track for making our vision reality.

Our thanks go to Dr Fan, Dr Khalid and Ms Lin for hosting the stand at the Research Translation Expo, to the hundreds of visitors who engaged with our display, and to UNSW’s Knowledge Exchange for coordinating the event.