Flame Security International


Product Name: FSI-Render

A three-part, tough, durable polymer based external and internal render for use on combustible cladding and any other structure exposed to an external fire threat. It has outstanding fire protection performance and is easy to use.  A Base Coat of 2mm is used to create strong adhesion to a variety of substrates which includes existing render, timber, aluminium, steel, concrete, plasterboard and brick.  A unique fire retardant Mid Coat of 5mm is used to provide fire resistance to high to extreme fire conditions.  A final Top Coat of 1.5mm is added to provide a variety of textures, colours and protection from Australia’s fierce weather and UV conditions.

Non toxic, safe for humans and the environment
Clean up is with water
Will last at least 10 years
A variety of colours and textures are available or the Top Coat can be painted with any exterior paint
Applied in the same manner as any other external render system
Designed by the University of NSW and manufactured in Australia

Fire Certifications

The following certifications are in progress:

  • AS 5113 / BS 8414
  • AS 3837 (BAL-29)
  • AS1530.8.1 (BAL-40)
  • BAL FZ
  • ISO/AS 9705
  • EN 13823 (full test series)
  • EN ISO 11925-2
  • EN 13501-1


Fire Testing: Lab Demonstration
• Protecting Expanded Polystyrene Foam Panels (EPS)
• Protecting Timber
Fire Testing: Large Scale Crib Test to Australian Standard AS5513
EPS combustible cladding on 3-story building