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Fire is a global threat. Flame Security International (FSI) has developed a range of fire security products that are safe for humans and the environment whilst being highly effective in preventing and protecting against fire.


FSI is focused on helping to solve real world problems with cost effective and easy to use products. They can be used for a wide range of applications from durable coatings to protect buildings from wildfire to instant detection of fire threats to external combustible cladding. Our FSI and UNSW team is also undertaking world first R&D to develop fire proof solar skins for the vertical sides of buildings, infrastructure and glass.

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Research & Development

FSI and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) are heavily invested in a 5 year plus program of fire R&D with 16 new products ready for commercialisation now. UNSW is the largest engineering university in the Southern Hemisphere with many global game changing inventions to its credit.

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FSI is dedicated to developing products that are good for profits, the planet and people. FSI’s products are affordable and can help to protect against wildfires that attack the global economy every year. They are safe for the environment having passed stringent toxicity tests by accredited independent agencies. They can also help to protect human life, property and infrastructure from a range of fire threats not related to wildfire.

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FSI is proud to be collaborating with the Australian Department of Defence on a number of fire detection and suppression R&D projects. Collaboration is also underway with the US Department of Defence on a unique nano-sensor technology for wearable and drone deployed sensing of toxic gases, fire and explosive substances.

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Funding Boost for CBRN Sensor Research
Australian researchers are set to receive $1.34 million in funding to develop innovative sensors that detect chemical and biological threats. Included in the projects being funded under the HAC is Gram-scale infra-red spectrometer concept for multi-analyte airborne chemical threat detection. University of Melbourne, Flame Security International.
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Successful FSI-Membrane pilot trials to protect power poles in bushfires
Bushfires can damage power infrastructure, destabilising grids, and lead to power cuts for homes and businesses. Energy Network Australia published information stating that Australia’s electricity networks extend about 918,000 km with more than seven million power poles – most are above ground and extend deep into the bush.
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FSI Pole Crib Test 1
This video explores FSI-Membrane and Containment products.
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