Flame Security International


FSI is tightly aligned with Australian defence research organisations and Australian manufacturing partners to develop a range of innovative products to help protect our Australian Defence Force and civilian emergency service workers from a range of chemical, biological and fire hazards.

Delta Solutions International

Delta Solutions International (DSI) has been created to maximise the advanced fire protection technology of Flame Security International as well as the deep operational and technical expertise of key strategic defence partners.

FSI's defence partners have excellent track records in building and updating maritime craft, including frigates, offshore patrol vessels and patrol boats; as well as extensive successful experience in complex submarine combat system upgrades.

This includes extensive experience in procurement, engineering, project management and integrated logistic support for Australian military applications.

Extensive experience in maritime projects

DSI people have very extensive experience and proven capability in the following fields:

  • Command of surface combatants and submarines, with a comprehensive understanding of the concept of operations [CONOPS] and detailed technical management of naval vessels
  • Design and construction of multiple classes of vessels in yards across the world from highly advanced countries to those in developing nations
  • Planning, documentation, conduct and analysis of extensive and complex naval tests and trial programmes through Factory Acceptance Testing, Harbour Acceptance Trials, Sea Acceptance Trials, pre and post Commissioning Trials as well as Technical and Operational Evaluation of new weapons, sensors and ship systems
  • Design, construction, introduction into service and ongoing support of a range of weapon and vessel management systems for various of classes of vessels, including command and control systems, supported by a comprehensive understanding of internal communications/data management and distribution requirements
  • Design and implementation of fire monitoring, fire retarding insulation and firefighting on current classes of RAN and other maritime vessels, both naval and commercial
  • Identification and strengthening of local design and manufacturing capability and capacity to enable the full sourcing of a wide supply of Military Specification equipment to occur in the Australian/New Zealand markets.

Innovation in defence

DSI is leveraging a very large body of innovative groundbreaking work into aggressive and passive, eco-friendly fire protection products already underway by FSI and its numerous best of breed partners.

These products, when taken collectively in context of submarines, are highly likely to improve the fire survivability of submarines in all types of fire threat scenarios or prevent them from happening in the first instance.

Combining this FSI innovation with the extensive experience of DSI’s people offers a unique opportunity to take maritime safety to new levels.