Flame Security International

Protecting people, structures and environments

Flame Security International (FSI) invents and develops protective products and services for three global markets – fire protection, solar energy and Defence. All FSI products are designed for minimal environmental impact while achieving global certifications for safety and fire-retardancy.

‘The release of FSI’s fully accredited BAL-40 rated fire retardant paint, we believe, will better protect buildings and other assets from direct exposure to flames and extreme radiant heat,’ says FSI’s Managing Director, Justin Rooney. ‘This will make a significant difference not only to the cost of building in affected areas, but also the potential risks to life and property.’



FSI is focused on helping to solve real world problems with cost effective and easy to use products. They can be used for a wide range of applications from durable coatings to protect buildings from wildfire to instant detection of fire threats to external combustible cladding. Our FSI and UNSW team is also undertaking world first R&D to develop fire proof solar skins for the vertical sides of buildings, infrastructure and glass.


Research and Development

FSI and the University of NSW (UNSW) are heavily invested in a 5 year plus program to invent and develop more than 12 products for commercialisation. Some have been manufactured and others still in the pipeline. UNSW is the largest engineering university in the southern hemisphere with many game changing inventions to its credit.



FSI is committed to sustainable development by reducing risks and enhancing efficiencies at all stages of the product life cycle. Along with economic drivers, environmental, sustainable and corporate governance (ESG) is considered throughout all of FSI’s business activities.



FSI is proud to be collaborating with the Australian Department of Defence on a number of protection projects including unique technology for wearable detection of toxic gases. Protecting the protectors.

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