Flame Security International

FIRECOAT Point Reyes Burn Test

FIRECOAT burn test at Point Reyes, CA Marin County Fire Department Testing Facility - hosted by UC Berkeley (Berkeley Disaster Lab).

On 20 March 2024 at the Marin Fire Training Center testing of FIRECOAT fire-resistant coatings was undertaken. Testing included a number of FIRECOAT products including: Exterior coatings for wood, steel, and concrete; a window protection membrane; and a temporary fire resistant treatment.

The evaluation revealed that the FIRECOAT coatings can help substrates resist prolonged, direct flame exposure.

At the UC Berkley Disaster Lab a test was undertaken of concrete treated with FIRECOAT of varying thickness in a kiln at 1800°F for 20 minutes. The concrete then underwent compression testing post-heat exposure to evaluate changes in structural integrity.

The demonstration showed that the treated concrete maintained more than 4X the compressive strength than of untreated concrete.