Flame Security International


Since its inception FSI product development has been guided by market realities as well as scientific creativity and realities around product effectiveness, environmental safety and sustainability.

Polymers & Textiles

FSI’s polymers and textiles R&D team have focused on developing unique coatings and infusion products to help reduce the increasing threat of external and internal fire to buildings and the environment. Unlike many fire retardants in use today all FSI products are non-toxic and safe for humans and the environment.

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Fire Detection and Suppression

FSI is developing a range of fire detection and suppression products and services with the support of UNSW and a range of industry partners including Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG). The initial service now ready for deployment is a novel Cladding Monitoring System (CMS) to detect fire as soon is occurs on combustible cladding which is used extensively on Australian residential, commercial and government buildings.  Other products under development include an integrated fire detection and suppression system that is non-toxic and safe for humans and the environment.  This system will be initially targeting Defence and civil maritime applications.

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Solar Skin

UNSW has been a world leader in solar research for over 24 years and requested FSI to partner with it to develop a novel, fire proof solar membrane suitable to be retrofitted to the sides of buildings, inside windows and infrastructure with large vertical surfaces. This solar ‘skin’ uses an alternative perovskite technology which offers manufacturing and environmental sustainability advantages over conventional silicon technology as well as being able to better harvest solar energy from ambient and reflected sunlight.

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