Flame Security International


Since its inception, FSI product development has been guided by market realities as well as scientific creativity and realities around product effectiveness, environmental safety and sustainability.
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Fire Protection

The team for polymers and textiles has focused on developing unique coatings and infusion products to help reduce the increasing threats from external and internal fires – threats to people, buildings and the environment. All FSI products are formulated to minimise toxicity and environmental impact. Prioritising human health and safety as well as the future of the environment.
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FSI is developing a range of fire detection and suppression products and services with the support of UNSW and a range of industry partners including Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) and Memjet. The initial service is a cladding monitoring system (CMS) to detect fire without relying on people to notice and report the fire. Other products include a wearable sensor for protection from toxic gases. This has military and civilian applications.
Solar Skin


The team at Solar Skin, is creating a membrane suitable for the sides of building and infrastructure with large vertical, horizontal and angled surfaces. This membrane may be retrofitted to existing buildings or incorporated into intelligent, sustainable building design. This solar ‘skin’ uses an alternative perovskite technology which offers manufacturing and environmental sustainability advantages over conventional silicon technology.

World first bushfire paints set to help save homes and lives

An Australian start-up has invented the world’s most fire protective paints, which can help save homes and in turn, lives.

FSA Firecoat