Flame Security International


Product Name: FSI-Membrane

This product is a tough, durable polymer based external membrane originally designed to wrap the base of power poles to protect them from high to extreme bushfire conditions. It has outstanding fire protection performance and is easy to use. The product has many potential uses from protecting power poles to temporary protection of glass windows and doors from a fire front. A thinner and lighter general purpose tarpaulin version is currently under development which may be joined into large sheets to protect buildings and fire vulnerable infrastructure such as vehicles, tractors, trailers, air conditioning units, sheds and so forth. Water-based, free from halogen and Volatile Organic chemicals (VOCs).

Non-toxic, safe for human handling and the environment
Will last at least 10 years
Clear coating
Standard thickness is 1.5mm, width is 1200mm and can be supplied in a variety of lengths and rolls
Designed by the University of NSW and manufactured in Australia and Europe

Fire Certifications

The following certifications are in progress:

  • AS1530.8.1 (BAL-40)
  • AS 1530.8.2 (BAL FZ)
  • ISO/AS 9705


Fire Testing: Independent Testing at UQ Fire
FSI-Membrane on Power Pole Tested to AS 1530.8.1
Fire Testing: Lab Demonstration
Open Flame Test - Untreated vs FSI Treated EPS Metal Sandwich Panel
Fire Testing: Large Scale Fire Test
Protecting Power Poles with FSI-Membrane