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FSI-Spray & Go

FSI-Spray & Go

Product Name: FSI-Spray & Go

This is a protective bushfire product based on a unique environmentally friendly long term fire retardant formula. FSI-Spray&Go is designed to give property owners an ability to quickly spray their houses, sheds and other assets, especially timber based assets, to protect them from a bushfire front that is predicted to head their way. The product is ready to spray from standard spray devices and will quickly dry providing the sprayed surface an equivalent protection of a BAL 29 rated coating. FSI-Spray&Go, however, can be washed off once the bushfire threat has passed and it is safe for the building owner to return home.

Excellent toxicity, environment, dermal and ocular certifications
Excellent fire protection results (BAL 29)
Wash off is with water
Will last 2 weeks if not rained on
Designed by University of NSW and manufactured in Australia in both Victoria and NSW

Fire Certifications

The following certifications will be applied for:

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Specification 5100-304d Long-Term Retardant for Wildland Firefighting

Environmental Certifications

Luminescence Inhibition on Marine Bacteria NF EN ISO 11348-3, 2009:
Determination of the acute toxicity to zebrafish eggs (Danio rerio) ISO 15088:2007:
Determination of the inhibition of the mobility of Daphnia magna Straus (Cladocera, Crustacea) OECD 202 & NF EN ISO 6341, 2012:
Fresh water algal growth inhibition test with unicellular green algae OECD 201 & NF EN ISO 8692, 2012:


Fire Testing: Lab Demonstration
Burn test on untreated and FSI-Spray&Go treated timber.