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Product Name: FSI-Varnish

This product is a unique, clear, water-based internal varnish that enhances the natural texture and colour of timber. It prevents fire propagation and is applied in the same manner as non fire retardant varnish. A coloured version of this product is also available that has an even stronger resistance to fire which uses a non toxic timber by-product to achieve this additional protection. This product is also being modified for external use as well and should be available soon.

Clean up is with water
3 coats
Applied in the same manner as any other varnish
Designed by the University of NSW and manufactured in Australia and Europe

Fire Certifications

The following certifications are in progress:

  • EN 13501 1 & 2
  • EN 13823 (SBI)
  • EN ISO 11925-2
  • EN 14135:2004
  • BS EN 927 6 Accelerated Weathering Test (NT053 & NT054)
  • BS476 Class 0 & 1 Part 6 & 7
  • BS EN 16755:2017



Fire Testing: Lab Demonstration
Vertical burn test on untreated and FSI-Varnish treated timber.