Flame Security International


Product Name: FSI-StainProtector

This product is a new, ready-to-go, non-coloured stain protector spray for home furnishings and commercial textiles ranging from furniture fabric, wall hangings, floor coverings and any other textile surfaces that are exposed to staining agents. It is also suitable for clothing.

FSI-StainProtector is applied as a one-spray process which quickly dries to provide excellent protection against common staining agents. It is safe for humans and the environment. Once sprayed the textile can be washed at least 40 times before the stain protection properties of the product are affected. The product does not alter the softness, mechanical strength, colour or durability of the textile it is applied to.

The product can be applied to natural and synthetic textiles as well as textiles that comprise a blend of both natural and synthetic fibres.

Non-toxic and safe for humans and the environment
Excellent stain resistance – red wine, food, chocolate, ink, coffee, etc.
Is ready to use and does not have to be mixed with water
Designed by University of NSW and manufactured in Australia


Fire Testing: Lab Demonstration
Liquid Penetration Test & Spill Test on Untreated and FSI-treated fabric