Flame Security International


Product Name: FSI-Defend (Containment Line)

A water-based containment line product which comes as a powder. The dilution ratio with water is 1:10. Ideal to protect grass, flora, crops, and gardens. It is proven safe for human handling and the environment, and non-corrosive to common metal alloys such as steel, aluminium, and bronze. It can be deployed from the air or ground.

This is a protective bushfire product based on a unique long term fire retardant formula that can be safely handled and is non-toxic to the ennvironment. FSI-Defend is supplied as a powder which can be mixed at 1:8 (FSI-Defend powder to water), ratio can be adjusted depending upon the required strength of the containment line. Salt, brackish, and fresh water can be used in this mix. The mixed product can then be sprayed on all types of vegetation to provide protection against an encroaching fire front. It is coloured dark ochre to help fire fighters identify the treated areas. It does not require professional training to use the product since it can be easily handled and has low toxicity to ensure human and safety. It can be used by professional (rural) firefighters, as well as property owners and farmers with the right equipment. It has been designed with reduced environmental impact in mind to address the world’s concern with long term fire retardants. FSI-Defend will remain effective for more than 2 weeks if not rained on.

Excellent toxicity, environment, dermal and ocular certifications
Can be mixed or sprayed in several layers to achieve different strengths
Wash off is with water
Will last at least 2 weeks if not rained on
Designed by University of NSW and manufactured in Australia and Europe

Fire Certifications

The following certifications will be applied for:

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Specification 5100-304d Long-Term Retardant for Wildland Firefighting

Environmental Certifications

Luminescence Inhibition on Marine Bacteria NF EN ISO 11348-3, 2009:
Determination of the acute toxicity to zebrafish eggs (Danio rerio) ISO 15088:2007:
Determination of the inhibition of the mobility of Daphnia magna Straus (Cladocera, Crustacea) OECD 202 & NF EN ISO 6341, 2012:
Fresh water algal growth inhibition test with unicellular green algae OECD 201 & NF EN ISO 8692, 2012:


Fire Testing: Large Scale Fire Test
Protecting Power Poles with FSI-Membrane
Small Scale Lab Demonstration Video
Open flame test on untreated and FSI treated straw.