Flame Security International (FSI) offers a range of non-toxic flame retardants for protection and suppression of fires.

Initially developed in Sweden, FSI products are the result of years of research and development to continually improve both the effectiveness and environmental-friendliness. This commitment to R&D continues both in Sweden and in Australia at the University of NSW. 

Australian and international certification and environmental safety certificates are underway for each product.

All FSI products contain patented FSI-Gel and are approved as environmentally-friendly by the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.


FSI-Textile and FSI-Polymer

Ideal for furniture.

The lounge seat on the left was sprayed with FSI-Textile, the other was not. Identical fires were lit in each at the same moment.

FSI-Textile is certified non-toxic in Australia and Europe.

The pipeline of FSI products includes FSI-Polymer.



Ideal for solid surfaces such as house and facade fires.  FSI-Gel is an aqueous pH neutral composition. The product is free from halogenated brominated substances and heavy metals. When FSI-Gel is exposed to heat, a covering layer is formed by a carbon compound which prevents the oxygen from entering the fire, while preventing pyrolytic gases from reaching the flames. 


FSI-Indoor & FSI-Outdoor

Under development for use on solid 

indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Currently in development.


FSI-Bushfire, FSI-Forest

A green flame retardant for bushfires and forest fires.

Ideal for containment lines as well as suppressing fires.

This linear patch of grass was protected with 

FSI-Forest before the fire raged through here.



Created to suppress liquid fires such as petrol,

diesel, jet fuel and cooking oil.

Re-ignition is also suppressed.

Currently in development.

NEW: FSI-Mist Tech

FSI has joined forces with Mist Tech to further advance the fire fighting effectiveness of the FSI range. Mist Tech are advanced specialists in the design and manufacturing of innovative water and flame retardant mist systems.