Flame Security International
FSI-Ground Attack


Product Name: FSI-GroundAttack

This product can be used in concentrations of between 3% to 6% to water for ground based firefighting.  When added to water the product is a suppressant for direct attack against wildfire.  The product is a non-coloured liquid concentrate that is non-toxic, safe for humans and the environment as well as being non-corrosive for firefighting equipment.

The active ingredient in the product is a novel food-grade and environmentally friendly fire retardant that effectively doubles the effectiveness of the water available to the firefighter when treated with FSI-GroundAttack.  The product has an added advantage in that it will reduce the likelihood of reignition of an extinguished fire and should this occur it will slow or prevent flame propagation.

FSI-GroundAttack is a highly versatile product and can be used by property owners, farmers and professional firefighters.  It can be used in all water based spray equipment including all existing metropolitan and rural firefighting vehicles fitted for Class A fire fighting foam concentrates.  The product is an excellent alternative to Class A foam since it can be used for both offensive and defensive applications whilst being longer lasting when used in support of backburning.

Increases water efficiency by approximately 60%
Non-corrosive for firefighting equipment
Alternative to Class A foam
Can be used in standard firefighting equipment and firefighting vehicles
Can be used by property owners and farmers to protect property and assets
Designed by University of NSW and manufactured in Australia and Europe

Dermal & Ocular Certifications